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Crown Pharmacy Staff

Each member of our staff brings unique talents and skills that are indespensable to our pharmacy. Take a minute to learn about the people that bring Crown Pharmacy to life!
Val Randall


Valerie Randall, known to most of our patients as Val, is the manager of Crown Pharmacy. Val has been with Crown Pharmacy for over 25 years and has been instrumental in the growth and success of Crown. Tremendously passionate about her work, Val goes above and beyond to ensure every patients' needs are met. Whether she is helping patients apply for medication assistance programs and copay coupons, or providing moral support for a patient experiencing personal turmoil, the well-being of our patients remains her top priority. Val has spent decades building strong ties and relationships with numerous doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, case workers, medication suppliers, medical assistance programs, and others involved in the HIV field. In fact, Val's work has even led to the development of many programs and forms of assistance that are commonplace today.

Paul Czarnecki, PharmD


Paul is the most recent addition to Crown Pharmacy's staff.  Paul graduated from Wayne State University's College of Pharmacy located in Detroit, MI. Paul brings the most up-to-date medication and treatment knowledge to Crown.  Paul will soon earn his credentials as a HIV Specialist, and is  certified to give all immunizations and vaccines right here in the pharmacy! Friendly, knowledgeable, and well spoken, one of his top priorities is ensuring all of our patients medication questions and concerns are met. Paul feels a great sense of personal and professional satisfaction working for an independent pharmacy.


Paul is a fan of comedy, space, science, and sports. He enjoys playing hockey, golf, carpentry, and spending time outdoors.

Irene Manning, RPh


Irene has been a pharmacist at Crown Pharmacy for over 10 years. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Duquesne University and first began working as a pharmacist in the 1970s. To say Irene has seen tremendous changes in the field of pharmacy would be an understatement. Irene continues to enjoy her work as a pharmacist and loves staying active in the field. Irene's longevity is an inspiration to us all!

Marcella Bassham
Pharmacy Technician


Marcella has been with Crown Pharmacy since the very beginning. With over 20 years work experience in the HIV field, her experience and knowledge is invaluable to Crown Pharmacy. Compassionate, personable, and a great listener, Marcella has helped countless patients overcome many personal hardships. Marcella brings a warm and charismatic charm to the pharmacy.

Paul Archer

Paul Archer has volunteered his services at Crown for over 5 years. A former patient of ours, Paul joined Crown Pharmacy's staff while recovering from cancer induced  AIDS following a stem-cell transplant. Fortunately, with proper medication and treatment, Paul's health is now much improved. He is now cancer free and has an undetectable viral load. Refreshingly upfront and forthcoming, Paul is comfortable discussing his health history with others, and is an excellent example of how HIV+ patients are able to live healthy, productive lives. Having been positive for 20 years, Paul's doctor, Dr. Gregory Marcarian considers him "the 'poster child' for modern medicine."


Paul has great organization and accounting skills that he uses to help keep Crown Pharmacy run smoothly and efficiently. Paul is also responsible for maintaining our extensive medication inventory and ensuring legal compliance. Paul enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and is an avid Detroit Tigers fan!

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